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High School Tech Camp

High School Tech Camp is a full day, week-long experience designed to engage high school students in hands-on, technology learning experiences. During the camp, students are immersed in subject matter focused Programming (C#) or Cyber Security.  High School Tech Camp promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving.  Program curriculum developed in partnership with Hyland Software, creator of OnBase and Franklin University.

TECH CORPS offers two types of camps: (1) open enrollment camps and (2) sponsored camps. For an open enrollment camp, any student within the appropriate grade range can register and attend. Open enrollment camps range from $325-$400, depending on the location. For sponsored camps, TECH CORPS receives generous support from various sponsors in order to provide a camp experience at no cost to students who meet certain requirements.

Download the 2017 High School Coding Camp Report


Grade Band

High School

Program Hours

Full day, week-long


Summer camp


Content delivered by two certified TECH CORPS Instructors

Program Components

High School Tech Camp puts students in the role of creating and designing with technology—not just passively using and consuming it. Components include:

  • Two tested and certified instructors trained to use High School Tech Camp curriculum.
  • Student Social Network (digital citizenship), Blogs (reflective writing), Project presentations
  • Camp Kit that includes student supplies, software and materials
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support
Program Sponsors