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TECH CORPS develops technology programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 students and teachers. TECH CORPS programs are not computer literacy programs but instead programs that empower students to become active creators and designers with technology versus passive consumers and users. TECH CORPS offers its Signature Programs and works with partners to develop regional programs based on community need or sponsor preference. TECH CORPS programs fall into one of three categories: Awareness, Exploration, Immersion and support students in moving along a technology pathway which ultimately prepares them for college or career. (test)

Computing Career Corps Read more

Introduces students to a variety of in-demand occupations in computing

High School Tech CampRead more

Designed to engage high school students in coding activities

Student CODE CORPS Read more

Delivers computer programming lessons to high school students

Student TECH CORPS Read more

Delivers tech training and certification to middle and high school students

Student WEB CORPS Read more

Provides high school students with a suite of web development skills

Techie Camp Read more

Provides a full day, week long experience designed to engage students

Techie ClubRead more

Includes 40+ hours of CSTA aligned activities for 3rd – 6th grade students

Techie Workshops Read more

Provides easy to deliver packages that can be deployed in various environments

E4Tech Read more

Provides a professional development model and curriculum for today's educators

#CutOut4CS Read more

Provides a free set of Computer Science lessons