We believe ALL K-12 students should have access to high-quality computer science learning experiences

The Mission of TECH CORPS is three-fold and is achieved through Programs, People and Partners.

PROGRAMS: We design computer science and IT programs that are rigorous, relevant and fun. These programs range from awareness to exploration to immersion.

PEOPLE: We recruit, train and support technology talent to implement TECH CORPS programs.

PARTNERS: We work with partners, who believe as we do and together we provide students and teachers access to programs designed to educate, excite and empower.

“Our impact in the last 10 years"

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Celebrating the Success of Our Computing Career Corps Students

We are celebrating the success and incredible achievements of our Computing Career Corps students! Over the past 15 weeks, 69 students from 20 high schools across nine school districts immersed themselves in a transformative journey through the world of computer science. This program, specifically designed for 9th and 10th graders, delved into a wide array of topics including programming, app and game development, cybersecurity, and 3D printing. Alongside these technical skills, students also honed valuable employability skills that will serve them well into the future.

CodeNext Lessons Ignite Students’ Technology Experience

Discover how TECH CORPS’ Computing Career Corps program enhances its 15-week curriculum with Google’s CodeNext lessons. CodeNext offers high school students comprehensive computer science education, covering coding, software development, and essential digital fundamentals. Designed to equip students with practical skills for success in today’s digital landscape, CodeNext is a valuable addition to the program.

EARTH DAY: TECH CORPS Gives New Life to Old Equipment

As concern for the environment grows worldwide, organizations like TECH CORPS are stepping up to make a difference. As we celebrate Earth Day 2024, TECH CORPS is doubling down on its commitment to sustainability by giving old computer gear a new lease on life.

April is National Volunteer Month: Learn How You Can Get Involved!

Join us to make a lasting impact on K-12 students through enriching technology learning experiences while meeting our goal of $50,000 in 2024 towards the Volunteer Build. We depend on the support of dedicated volunteers to educate, excite, and empower students; as we broaden our program offerings and extend our reach, the demand for volunteers and the resources to recruit, train, and deploy them grows. Let’s build a future where technology education is accessible to all!

Igniting a Passion for Technology in Akron Students

In Akron, the city known for invention, TECH CORPS is igniting a passion for technology among its young residents with an array of empowering learning programs. “Our Techie Workshops introduce elementary and middle school students to the world of computer science through hands-on learning activities designed to unleash students’ imaginations.”

Unplug and Dive into the Realm of Computer Science

Unplug and dive into the world of computer science was a blast with 24 Out-of-School-Time (OST) providers at our TECH CORPS Unplugged professional development session! From cup-stacking shenanigans to epic relay races, who knew learning computer science could be THIS much fun?

Tech Learning Powers Up: Students Decode the Digital world

In a stellar start last week, the Computing Career Corps (CCC) embarked on a promising journey, setting the stage for a dynamic learning experience. The rockstar instructors and enthusiastic participants painted a vibrant picture of community engagement and learning at its best.

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