Unleash Your Imagination at Techie Workshops

Get ready to blast off into the world of computer science and technology at Techie Workshops! Explore the awesome realms of Digital Animation and 3D Printing. Get creative with Programming using Scratch, Retros, or Twine! Join us for hands-on fun where you’ll unleash your imagination, tackle exciting challenges, and bring your ideas to life! Let’s dive into the tech world together and make learning an adventure! 

Techie Workshops are FREE and available to any Akron Public Schools elementary or middle school student. Techie Workshops are held on Saturdays from 10 am-2 pm. Check out the schedule below and register today!

TECH CORPS is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring all K-12 students have equal access to the technology programs, resources and skills to enrich their education today and to prepare them for college, credential or career tomorrow. Join us in 2024 for these exciting learning opportunities!

Step into the world of 3D animation moviemaking! Students unleash their inner director using cutting-edge modeling software to design and print models and craft captivating digital characters. Through stop­motion, sound effects, and voiceovers, their Oscar-worthy movies come alive on the big screen.

Digital Animation
Saturday, April 27 

NIHF Stem Middle School
6th-8th Grade

Ever wondered about the real-world magic behind 3D printers? Techie Workshops will not only teach you the ropes of 3D modeling but also spark your curiosity about the amazing implications of 3D printing technology. From creating epic structures to designing quirky gadgets, the possibilities are as endless as your creativity!

3D Printing
Saturday, May 11

Helen Arnold Community Learning Center
3rd-5th Grade

Dive into the coding universe for an immersive storytelling adventure! Students create interactive quests where the plot twists depend on the player’s choices. Unleashing their imaginations, students craft code to bring their stories to life.

Programing: Twine Saturday, May 11
Buchtel Community Learning Center
6th-8th Grade

Programing: Twine Saturday, May 18
Miller South
6th-8th Grade

Important Information

  • Each Techie Workshop is comprised of 20 students and led by 2 Instructors. 
  • Families will be responsible for transportation and food/beverages.


  • Attend a school in the Akron Public School District
  • Currently in grades 3-8
Student Selection Process:
Students will be enrolled in Techie Workshops on a “first-come, first-served” basis until all spots are filled. Families will be notified via email.


Once you begin this form, you are only able to save/return to it if you have a Gmail account. Please be prepared to spend approximately 10 minutes to complete the registration form in one setting. Otherwise, you will have to start a new registration form. Below is a list of the sections of the form for quick reference:

  • Student and Parent Information
  • Student Emergency & Medical Information (only retained if the student is enrolled into the program)
  • Program Release