Black History Month: Mark Dean, Developing the PC

TECH CORPS celebrates Black History Month by featuring Mark Dean, an inventor, engineer, and computer scientist who was instrumental in developing the PC. After graduating from the University of Tennessee in 1979 (B.S. Electrical Engineering), Dean was hired by IBM as a chief engineer for the personal computer project. He spent the next 30 years innovating the personal computer. When IBM released the PC, the company had nine original patents; Dean was responsible for three of them.

His inventions include the ISA system bus that allows external equipment like printers, speakers, disk drives, and scanners to be plugged into computers. Dean’s work at IBM, like developing the first color monitor, helped bring us the PC and changed personal computing forever. The whole time he was making these great innovations, he continued learning by going to school, earning his master’s and his doctorate.

Dean has over 20 patents in his name and is considered one of the greatest tech inventors of all time. He has earned much recognition for his work, including the Black Engineer of the Year President’s Award. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineers and an IBM fellow, and he was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame.


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