BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/06/14)

Today, we learned about Data Storage, what uses Data Storage, and we also spent some time talking about “BIG DATA” and the three “V”s, volume, velocity and volume. Some things that have Data Storage in your house are computers, CDs, and DVDs. We talked about bits, bytes, gigabytes, and other things that end in “byte!” I was shocked that 5 exabytes would be all the words in human speech! That is a lot of words.
Jan 08, 2014 (tcbrxk003)

A sprite is a character on Scratch that you can customize and change and make your own. A costume is something that you can dress your Sprite in. Your stage is where everything you just did happens. And that’s what I learned in Techie Club. For more go play Scratch!
Jan 08, 2014 (tcbcxr002)


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