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Today I learned how to do numbers in binary coding. Every number lower case and uppercase letters have a diff combination. We also made planets and teacups using it. It was super hard. It’s hard to believe it takes a computer 3 seconds.
Your fav blogger
The Pikachu
Jan 15, 2014 (tcbctp001)

Creating a Game with Scratch
Today in Techie Club we were making a game in Scratch. Scratch is a program to help people all ages to learn programming and codes. We made a game called “The Hungry Monkey”. The Hungry Monkey has three sprites, a monkey, a beach ball, and a bunch of bananas. The object of the game is to eat all the bananas without getting hit with the beach ball. If the monkey gets hit by the beach ball you lose. For each bunch of bananas the monkey eats you get a point. To make the game we had to learn some new blocks such as variables, Boolean reporter, random number generator, forever if, hide, show and go to the front stack blocks. To make the monkey move we copied a script from the friction marble which already had the script written for it. To move the monkey you use the 4 arrow keys. Next we created the ball! We used the forever block and put the move ten steps and if on edge bounce key inside the block. Then we created the bananas. The bananas disappear when the monkey touches them. The monkey game was really fun to create and to play! I hope we can make another Scratch soon!
Jan 14, 2014 (tcbjra001)

NXT Hand Crank Car
Today we learned some of the basic things about Mindstorms NXT. We created hand crank cars that ran when we turned the crank. The cars did not require batteries and used “mechanical power.”
Jan 14, 2014 (tcbmxc004)

Scratch Gaming
Today in Techie Club, we were making a Scratch game. Again, Scratch is a program that helps teach kids and adults about how to create codes. The three sprites/characters needed were bananas, a monkey, and a beach ball. The game is called The Hungry Monkey. The object of the game is to help Hungry Monkey eat the bananas without getting touched by the beach ball. If the Hungry Monkey gets caught by the beach ball, then the game is over. If the Hungry Monkey eats every bunch of bananas without touching the ball, then the game is won. For each bunch of bananas he eats, the Hungry Monkey earns 1 point. The Hungry Monkey is controlled by the arrow keys. The beach ball moves randomly, so you won’t know where it’s going to be. Also, to make the game challenging, the bunches of bananas are moving as well. To get the controls for the Hungry Monkey, we had to copy the script from the friction ball to the monkey. In order to do that, we had to drag a set of directions from the friction ball to the monkey and the directions will show up on its script board. The script for the beach ball and bananas are similar, since the both move randomly. The only difference is that when the Hungry Monkey touches a bunch of bananas, they will disappear and you also have to duplicate them. We’ve only started with one banana, so we’re still working on it.
Jan 14, 2014 (tcbmmt002)


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