BLOG OF THE WEEK (01/27/14)

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Today at Techie Club we finished building our Lego robots! We started building the more complicated features on our robotic that involved sensors and a micro motor. When we finished our robot had a moving arm that went up and down, a color sensor facing the ground, a touch sensor pointing forward, and a tilt sensor to see which direction it was going. Unfortunately by the time we finished, the teachers called us to the carpet, so I never got to drive my robot. At first on the rug, one of my friends showed us how he programmed his robot on the brick so that it would drive forward until something was 3 inches away from it. He did this by using the ultrasonic sensor to send out sound waves which bounce back to tell it how far away an object is. After that the teachers showed us the program on the computer to program the Lego robot. It was a lot like the program for NXGT, but it was a little bit easier. I was relieved that some of my skills programming NXGT would transfer to the EV3.
Then the teacher showed us a robot named gyro boy that used the tilt sensor to maintain balance on two wheels. It would move back and forth slowly as the tilt sensor tilted one way and the motors would tilt the other. They used a color sensor to make the robot respond to different commands so that it would turn right, turn left, end the previous command, or follow whatever was close to it using the ultrasonic sensor.
After that we cleaned up the Lego robot kits and the best part of the day happened, my mother gave me a cookie.
Jan 28, 2014 (tcbfxj001)


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