BLOG OF THE WEEK (10/13/14)

How the internet works
We learned how the internet works. First, for example if you wanted to send an email, you would open your computer. Then, you would type what you wanted to write. Then, it would travel to the router. Then it would run to the internet and your internet service provider. Finally, it would send to the designated person.
(cbsmxa142, 15 October 2014)

Learning about bytes
a byte is one letter.
a killobyte is 1000 bytes.
a mega byte is a 1000 killobytes.
a gigabyte is a 1000 mega bytes.
and i worked with phillip and some more people in our group.
a tera byte is a 1000 gigabytes
and i worked with mr jacob
(cbsdtp141, 14 October 2014)


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