BLOG OF THE WEEK (10/20/14)

C parts
We learned the different parts of computers and in my opinion the fan is cool because it cools down a lot of heat.
(cbsbxn141, 23 October 2014)

Web Design (HTML)
This week what we did is HTML. HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language and what it is a command that tells the website what to do. We also used CodePen which is a website that allows you to use HTML, Javasript, and CCS. My website is and it is about Learn to fly. And I think next week I hope we do CCS.
(cbsraa141, 22 October 2014)

Techie Club, 10/22/14
This week in Techie Club, we did web programming! First, we learned about how all of the web is connected (world wide web). Did you know there are wires that go under the ocean to make the web work? Anyways, when you search something, it takes the server and takes you to the document, or webpage. We did an example of the web by throwing a ball of yarn to each other. Then, it was time to code! Having been here last year, I knew a bit of simple code, but I still used the cheat sheet with all the different tags on it. I learned that there was even a way to embed a video! I made my website about the TV show “The Simpsons”. We had to put an image, links, a heading, and a couple other simple things. Sadly, something went wrong and the links were messed up. the other things worked, though! Here’s my link:
I hope you enjoy it!
(cbsafs141, 22 October 2014)

Blog for Techie Club!
hi this is a blog.
PC Cannot walk.
BOTH Can be programmed.
ROBOT Can walk.
Say you have a bike with gears.
what if you put a small gear in front with 11 spikes and the bigger gear has 44?
it would go slower. if the bigger gear was in the front, it would go faster. Why?
because 44 spikes goes around 11 spikes faster than 11 spikes going around 44 spikes.
gears are used in robots to make them move.
(cpsfxm141, 21 October 2014)


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