Computing Career Corps

Computing Career Corps

Through several hands-on lessons and activities, Computing Career Corps introduces students to a variety of in-demand occupations in the field of technology including computer programming, software engineering, robotics, 3D printing and app development. Students gain a solid understanding of the inner workings of technology and use their newly acquired skills and creativity to develop solutions and products.

Apply Now!

We are currently accepting applications from committed and motivated Franklin County 9th or 10th graders. Students will attend in-person or virtual after school sessions through May. Successful students will be able to participate in a 4-week, PAID SUMMER internship. To qualify, students must be TANF eligible.

  • After school sessions in coding, 3D printing and hardware
  • Upon successful program completion, earn a laptop or $400 cash
  • June-July: Summer internship focused on app development, web development and math
  • Earn digital badges
  • Upon successful internship
    completion, earn up to $1,500

Program Components

  • Lessons covering topics such as Coding, App Development, 3D Printing, Robotics, Game Design, Web Development, Digital Media and Big Data
  • Student Social Network (digital citizenship), Blogs (reflective writing), Project presentations
  • Program Kit that includes student supplies, software and materials
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support


  • Grade Band: High School, 9th – 12th grades
  • Program Hours: 45+ hours of programming
  • Venue: In-class or after-school
  • Instruction: Content delivered by Computer Science Teacher, by two certified TECH CORPS Instructors or team of TECH CORPS volunteers
  • Category: Exploration