High School Tech Camp

High School Tech Camp

High School Tech Camp is a full day, week-long experience designed to engage high school students in hands-on, computing activities. During the camp, students are immersed in subject matter focused Programming (C#), Cyber Security or Blockchain. High School Tech Camp allows students to explore complex ideas and concepts rationally and logically as well as use technology to design and create solutions and artifacts. High School Tech Camp promotes creativity, collaboration and problem-solving. Program curriculum developed in partnership with Hyland Software, creator of OnBase (Programming) and Franklin University (Cyber Security).

Program Components

  • Camp Topics: Programming (C#), Cyber Security and Blockchain
  • Two certified instructors trained to use TECH CORPS High School Tech Camp curriculum
  • Student Social Network (digital citizenship), Blogs (reflective writing), Project presentations
  • Camp Kit that includes student supplies, software and materials
  • Opportunity for college credit
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support


  • Grade Band: High School, 9th – 12th grades
  • Program Hours: Full day, week-long
  • Venue: Summer camp
  • Instruction: Content delivered by two certified TECH CORPS Instructors
  • Category: Exploration