IT On Ramp

IT On Ramp

TECH CORPS’ IT On Ramp program is a full day, two-week experience designed to expose students to a variety of computing topics including app development, game design, software development and web development. Through exposure, exploration and project design, this program seeks to provide students with a deeper awareness of technology pathways and prepare them for greater success in technology pathway programs in high school and beyond.

Program Components

  • Lessons covering topics on app development, game design, software development and web development
  • Two tested and certified instructors trained to use Summer IT On Ramp curriculum
  • Student Social Network (digital citizenship), Blogs (reflective writing), Project presentations
  • Program Kit that includes student supplies, software and materials
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support


  • Grade Band: Middle School, 8th and High School, 9th – 12th grades
  • Program Hours: Full day, two weeks
  • Venue: Summer camp
  • Instruction: Content delivered by two certified TECH CORPS Instructors
  • Category: Exploration