IT On Ramp+

IT On Ramp+

IT On Ramp+ is a full-day, four-week experience designed to elevate students’ mathematical understanding and confidence in algebra and geometry through hands-on lessons focused on various computing topics including app development, game design, data analytics, web development and cyber security. Through exposure, exploration and project design, this program seeks to provide students with a deeper awareness of technology pathways and prepares them for greater success in technology pathway programs in high school and beyond.

The structure of each ITonRAMP+ module provides students with multiple opportunities to apply concepts in mathematics with innovative computer science topics.  This approach helps deepen student learning by supporting instructional practices grounded in rich tasks, mathematical practices and research-based strategies. TECH CORPS collaborates with the Teaching & Learning Collaborative on the design and implementation of the program.  

Program Components

  • Lessons covering topics on algebra, geometry, algorithms, app development, web development, data analytics and cyber security
  • Two tested and certified instructors trained to use ITOR+ curriculum
  • Reflective writing prompts and project presentations
  • Program kit that includes student supplies, software, and materials
  • Evaluations and assessments
  • Training and ongoing support


  • Grade band: High school, 9-10th grades
  • Program hours: Full day, four weeks
  • Venue: In-class or out of school time program
  • Instruction: Content delivered by two certified TECH CORPS instructors
  • Category: Immersion