Student TECH CORPS® delivers tech support training and industry-recognized certification to high school students and then harnesses their knowledge to power a Student-Run Help Desk to provide valuable technical support in their school buildings or communities. This program can be implemented during the school day as a part of the regular curriculum, during study hall or as an out-of-school time activity.

Student TECH CORPS summer program

Student TECH CORPS in-school program

Program Components

  • Basic Technology Training: 120+ hours of online training in hardware, operating systems, software applications, networking, computer peripherals, troubleshooting, basic programming, databases, and professionalism/customer relations.
  • Testing and Certification: Online, performance-based testing of student knowledge, and industry-recognized certification – CompTIA IT Fundamentals+.
  • Digital Badges
  • Student-Run Help Desk: All procedures, training and call tracking capabilities needed to successfully implement a student- run help desk to support and complement existing technology infrastructure.
  • Student TECH CORPS Kit with hardware and student supplies
  • Evaluations and Assessments
  • Training and ongoing support


  • Grade Band: High School, 9th – 12th grades
  • Program Hours: 120+ hours of online training, plus help-desk framework
  • Venue: In-class or out of school time program
  • Instruction: Content delivered by Technology Teacher or two certified TECH CORPS Instructors
  • Category: Immersion