Techie Workshops

Techie Workshops: Virtual

Techie Workshops: Virtual are a four-hour online experience in which students will dive into narrative game design. Students will create interactive stories and games that illustrate fundamental programming concepts. 

New program locations will be added in the coming weeks. Please check back.

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Techie Workshops

Techie Workshops are designed to promote awareness and spark interest in computer science and technology. Through hands-on activities that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork and creativity, students explore topics such as Robotics, Programming, Android App Development or 3D Printing.

Program Components

  • Grade-appropriate activities focused on Robotics, Programming, Android App Development and 3D Printing
  • Two tested and certified instructors trained to use Techie Workshop curriculum
  • Program Kit that includes student supplies, software and materials
  • Evaluations and Assessments


  • Grade Band: Elementary School, 3rd – 5th grades and Middle School, 6th – 8th grades (High School, 9th – 12th grades in development)
  • Program Hours: 4+ hours
  • Venue: Saturdays, Summer or After School
  • Instruction: Content delivered by two certified TECH CORPS Instructors
  • Category: Awareness

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