Corporate America Makes a Difference

With over a decade of experience at Nationwide, Jermaine Henson provides executive leadership as head of Nationwide’s Software Development Services. He believes corporate America plays a role in uplifting the next generation of technology professionals. “Large organizations that serve the community should look like the community in which they serve,” Henson explained. “It is so important to invest in bridging the technology gap to make sure those who have been traditionally underrepresented in the technology field have opportunities for education and development.”

John Phelan believes corporate America has a great responsibility in helping to educate the next generation of technology professionals. “For years, Hyland has discerned the skills it needs from its technology workforce, partnering with local colleges, junior schools and universities to help build curriculums that incorporate the latest technology and computer science skills, methods and innovations.” He continued, “We need to create more opportunities for students of all backgrounds to receive technology education and take great pride in the programs we’ve built to support this initiative.”