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We believe ALL K-12 students should have access to high-quality computer science learning experiences.  Computer science is not about learning how to use a computer, or even just programming.  Computer science is about deeper learning – computational thinking, problem solving and creativity. 

To support student learning, we have made the following lessons and activities available.

Lesson Downloads

The Sound of CS

Grades 2-5

Create a story and learn how to use programming to narrate it with text-to-speech technology.

The Sound of CS

Grades 6-8

Create a story and learn how to program branching story lines using variables and conditionals.

Turtle Graphics with Python

Grades 9-12

Write a Python application and play around with two-dimensional
graphics using Trinket.


Share Your Sketch

Grades 2-5

Create a sketch and learn how to use programming to tell a story that explores a concept, idea, or a situation.