TECH CORPS recognizes the power mentors have to impact students. We are thankful for Rae Stuart, a volunteer from Boeing, who gave her time to mentor students in grades 5-6 at Techie Club 2020. #NationalMentoringMonth

As a Techie Club volunteer, I had the opportunity to help inspire and equip the next generation of aviation and aerospace. I’m passionate about helping students use their creativity and embrace their potential to impact the future. Through Boeing’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Business Resource Groups I was able to stay connected with the community during the COVID pandemic in a virtual environment. Programs like TECH CORPS’ Techie Club are important to Boeing to help us connect with the community and help change perceptions about STEM/STEAM.

Through the lens of Diversity and Inclusion we helped students build upon their passion for STEM through collaboration, persistence and problem-solving. I believe it was beneficial to the students but also very rewarding for me to be able to give back by introducing the students to computing topics such as: basic programming, basic web development, robotics, hardware identification, software applications, internet, and social networks in a fun and exciting way. This prepares them for the future and sets up the next generation of our workforce. I am looking forward to doing it again!

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