Student TECH CORPS serves rural communities - TECH CORPS
Recent graduates from Graham High School in Champaign County (OH) are launching careers in technology thanks to a TECH CORPS signature program called Student TECH CORPS.
According to a recent study, although students in rural areas are just as likely as those in city and suburban areas to value computer science (CS) as a potential future career, principals are less likely to prioritize CS. A cited lack of available teachers, lack of money, and need to focus on courses related to testing requirements are some of the barriers they face. As a result, students in these regions are less likely to be afforded the ability to participate in CS classes, clubs, and programs than their city and suburban counterparts.

As part of TECH CORPS’ mission to bring high-quality CS learning experiences to students, the Student TECH CORPS program has been available to rural communities since 2005.

Student TECH CORPS delivers tech support training and industry-recognized certifications to high school students. Their knowledge is then harnessed to power a student-run help desk providing valuable technical support in their school buildings or communities. Student TECH CORPS can be implemented during the school day as a part of the regular curriculum, during study hall, or as an out-of-school time activity.

To learn more about Student TECH CORPS in rural communities, check out the video. To find out how your rural district can offer this program or how you can support it, email our Development Specialist Jen Jolliff at