Cleveland Students Are Motivated to Succeed

Cleveland Students Are Motivated to Succeed

Pictured Above (l-r): Tyquann Graves, Grade 12, John Marshall School of Information Technology (JMIT), Luis Gutierrez, Grade 10, JMIT and Jeremy Abukarma, Grade 12, JMIT. 

TECH CORPS summer programs offer industry certifications

TECH CORPS programs reflect the diverse world in which we live and give students a space to grow and thrive. Through accessibility and encouragement, students discover education and career pathways in technology.

Student TECH CORPS is a TECH CORPS signature program offered to students in Cleveland and sponsored by CSforCLE and hosted at MCPc Secure Asset Disposition Center. High school students receive hands-on experience in tech support, hardware operating systems, software applications, programming and databases. The six-week learn and earn summer program prepares students to take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam to earn an industry recognized certification. Acquiring an industry-recognized credential assists students in earning their high school diploma and opens doors for future employment.

As students prepare for the CompTIA exam, emotions and nerves peak. One of our Cleveland students stays motivated by recalling how important computer science and technology is in his native homeland.

“There are many technology differences between the United States and the Dominican Republic (DR),” explained Jeremy Abukarma, a 12th grader at John Marshall School of Information Technology (JMIT). “I see more advancement in the United States. In the DR, we still go through blackouts and shortages which is sad, especially because accessing technology requires being able to stay connected.”

Jeremy believes TECH CORPS has challenged him and helped him develop a new passion for hardware in computer technology. He said, “I would love to see programs like this available in the DR.”

Luis Gutierrez, a 10th grader from JMIT views global technology advancement through the lens of quantum computing. He was introduced to a mini course in quantum computing through an educator and was referred to the TECH CORPS program. Luis believes quantum computing will be the next step in effective healthcare. He intends to study cyber security to protect our data-driven world.

Luis explained, “My favorite part about Student TECH CORPS is the environment. The people here are very generous with their time and knowledge. I am grateful to the instructors who make it so enjoyable.”

As Luis prepares for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ exam he reflects on how TECH CORPS has prepared him for his future schooling. He remarked, “The CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ certification is important because it creates advancement for job and educational opportunities. Next year, I’m taking a computer science course and much of it will be lessons I’ve already learned here. I may switch to an Advanced Placement (AP) level and that feels really good.”

Tyquann Graves, a 12th grader at JMIT is inspired by the opportunity TECH CORPS provides in developing a holistic set of technology skills. He shared, “Being in Student TECH CORPS has been beneficial for me because it’s making me think, and it’s helping me focus more. I’m building skills many people don’t have the opportunity to get, and that’s really amazing.”

Tyquann’s family is his motivation for completing the CompTIA certification. He said, “I want to make them proud, knowing everything they’ve sacrificed for my education.”

We wish our students luck as they complete testing this week.


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