TECHCORPShack: Technology and More

TECHCORPShack: Technology and More

Students Can Register Now for Statewide Hackathon that Gives High School Students Technology and Workforce Skills

“As a new American, I faced a number of challenges in school,” explained Amy Hernandez, TECH CORPS alumnus. “The TECHCORPShack was the first place where I could try something new, feel safe to make mistakes, then be supported to try again and succeed!”

Amy Hernandez is a 2020 Whitehall Yearling High School graduate who participated in a 2017 TECHCORPShack and went on to complete over 400 hours of TECH CORPS programming before graduating from high school. She is currently a senior at The Ohio State University majoring in Economics.

By participating in the hackathon, Hernandez gained three important skills she still uses today, networking, public speaking and team building. “Many of the hack volunteers are technology industry professionals and I made a great connection with my team’s mentor,” she explained. “We still talk regularly, and she has given me some wonderful career advice.”

The 2021 TECHCORPShack will take place in three locations around Ohio. On Saturday, November 6, 2021, students in grades 9-12 from Akron, Columbus and Zanesville are invited to participate. No prior technology experience is required. In fact, one of the goals of the TECHCORPShack is to provide a safe and supportive environment where students can learn more about technology.

High School students in Akron, Columbus and Zanesville can register for the TECHCORPShack at Technology professionals are needed as volunteers at the hackathon. To learn more, visit

The hackathon in Columbus is sponsored by Nationwide and the hackathons in Akron and Zanesville are sponsored by AT&T Ohio. This is the fourth year that AT&T has sponsored the TECHCORPShack.

“Our purpose at AT&T is to create connection, and TECHCORPShack does just that,” said Brad McLean, president, AT&T Ohio. “This event connects students with technology in a way that inspires imagination and makes a difference in their lives. We’re proud to have supported this event for years and we’re excited for students from diverse areas of Ohio to enjoy this innovative experience in November.”

“Hackathons can sometimes be intimidating to students who have little or no previous experience with technology,” said TECH CORPS National Executive Director Lisa M. Chambers. “One of our goals with the TECHCORPShack is to recruit students who are traditionally under-represented in high school technology classes or programs and to provide them with a safe and supportive space to learn.”

The TECHCORPShack coding event gives high school students the opportunity to learn about computer science in a fun, engaging and inclusive environment while competing in teams to create an app that tackles a real-world problem or need.

The culmination of the hackathon is a timed presentation demonstrating the team’s mobile app. “I had never spoken in front of a group,” Hernandez shared. “With the support of my team members, I overcame my fear of public speaking. Today, I use presentation skills in most of my marketing classes at OSU.”

Through the event students will learn how to use a mobile app development tool and receive support and guidance from technology volunteers from the community, explained Chambers.

“I’ve always been outgoing, but reaching quiet people was challenging,” Hernandez explained. “Our team mentor modeled the behavior needed to build a team. She demonstrated ways to reach quiet or introverted team members and I still use those skills when I’m working in small groups for school and clubs.”

At Ohio State, Hernandez holds leadership roles in the LatinX Student Association, the Association of Latino Professionals for America, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Cultures and Travel Club.

Students who participate in the TECHCHORPShack gain valuable technology skills that can be used in many career paths. “Having a strong background in technology has given me an advantage and made me more marketable,” shared Hernandez who recently completed an internship with PWC Digital Assurance and is on track to graduate in the Spring of 2022.

Hernandez will be a 2021 TECHCORPShack volunteer. She said, “I’m excited to come back to the hackathon in a leadership role to provide students with the same opportunity I received that has made such a difference in my life.”  

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For more than 25 years, TECH CORPS has worked to ensure K-12 students have equal access to Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT) programs, skills and resources that enhance early learning and prepare them for college, credential or career. TECH CORPS develops CS and IT programs and deploys tech-savvy talent to assist K-12 schools and youth-serving organizations across the country. TECH CORPS is the longest operating education-technology nonprofit organization in the United States. Over the years, partners such as Nordson Corporation, JPMorgan Chase, Google, Battelle and AT&T have provided TECH CORPS with the fuel to deliver much-needed technology resources to K-12 students and teachers. Since 1995, more than 15,000 TECH CORPS volunteers have shared their time and talents assisting schools and nonprofit organizations in their communities. TECH CORPS was founded in 1995 by Gary Beach, Publisher Emeritus of CIO Magazine and author of The U.S. Technology Skills Gap.

Learn more at or connect with TECH CORPS on FacebookInstagramLinkedInTwitter or YouTube.



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