Unplug and Dive into the Realm of Computer Science

Unplug and Dive into the Realm of Computer Science

Dive In!

We got to unplug and dive into the world of computer science with 24 Out-of-School-Time (OST) providers at our TECH CORPS Unplugged professional development session! From cup-stacking shenanigans to epic relay races, who knew learning computer science could be THIS much fun?

A Jedi Mind Trick

But hold on, it gets even better! Keenan DeBruhl from Kendra’s Kiddie Kare summed it up perfectly, “TECH CORPS Unplugged is like a ‘Jedi Mind Trick’ – my kids will learn computer science without ever knowing they’re doing computer science!”

What We Learned

We decoded the ABC’s of Computer Science – Abstraction, Binary, Compression, Decoding, and Efficiency – through engaging lessons. These are the computing concepts that elementary and middle school children can learn without a computer, all while having a blast!

Our awesome OST providers not only left with a set of TECH CORPS Unplugged lessons but also armed with super cool strategies to bring computer science to their students. A huge shoutout to the Teaching & Learning Collaborative and the Ohio Afterschool Network for partnering with us on this project!

What's Next?

And guess what? Thanks to the Moonshot Catalyst Grant, this incredible professional development was free for all OST educators! Stay tuned for the next TECH CORPS Unplugged session at the TECH CORPS office on Thursday, May 9! Let’s unlock the Code as we embrace the excitement. 

We can infuse the captivating technology of computer science into our students’ learning experience as we unplug!


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